Double decker ‘Bio Bus’ launches in Bristol

In less than a week Bristol's commuters will be the first in the UK to board the cleaner, greener and meaner double-decker bio-methane gas powered bus
16th August 2017

South West transport company First West of England has just unveiled its latest double decker dream vehicle – a bio-methane powered bus with greenhouse gas emissions that leave it 84% cleaner than your average bus.

The biogas used to power the bus comes from ‘recycled’ common household food waste produced by households across the city, making its fuel completely sustainable and renewable. So next time you dump your leftover scraps in the brown bin, you’ll be pleased to know you might be fuelling your future ride to work!

“We were chosen to be the first place in the UK to test this particular type of innovative bus technology”


James Freeman, managing director of First West of England, comments: “We are immensely proud to bring this premium double decker to Bristol so soon after the manufacturers offered it to the market. Its low emissions and biogas credentials are just what is needed in a city that is faced with air quality challenges and increased congestion. This biogas bus helps to improve local air quality as it produces fewer emissions than traditional diesel engines.”

The bus, which will take its first public passengers from Monday 21 August, can be spotted by its green livery and playful bubble painted decorations. But don’t think you’ll hear it roaring along the streets of Bristol, its high-tech biogas engine also results in a quieter and improved journey experience for passengers.

Mhairi Threlfall, cabinet member for transport, adds: “I’m delighted to support the launch of the first double-decker bus using biogas here in Bristol. It’s a testament to our good partnership with First that we were chosen to be the first place in the UK to test this particular type of innovative bus technology.”

The biogas powered bus, the number 1, will cover Cribbs Causeway through the centre of town, Temple Meads train station and down to Broom Hill from Monday 21 August. You can find out more on the First West of England website or follow them on Twitter here: @FirstBSA.